Show Some Love Celebration Expo  is bursting with activity for its First Annual Event May 18th 2012.  The Scottsdale International Auto Museum to welcome the community. The day will begin by enjoying a variety of vendors, also event Host CiCi Berardi & Kimber Leigh will held a

FREE CHARITY AUCTION – Expo attendees who register will get a Bonus 100 Free Charity Bid Credits!






New 2012 Volkswagen Routan Van valued at $30,000 will be sold for $300. . . GUARANTEED!

* Limited Bidders   – FIRST COME, FIRST TO BID!

* ONLY Expo attendees who register with eBidnSave Charity Auctions will get the Bonus 100 Free Charity Bid Credits  

All attendees at the “Show Some Love Celebration Expo” who register will receive from eBidnSave Charity Auctions 100 Free Charity Bid Credits to bid for free in the online charity auction benefiting Umom, Yavapai Big Brother’s Big Sister’s and Gina’s Team non-profits that offer enormous support to women, their families and our communities.  Come to the Free Charity Auction booth as you walk into the Expo! 





Also Hello Kitty, Angel Marie, Sue Ellen Allen will reach out to share joy, wisdom, creativity.


12:00pm Hello Kitty Photo Shoot



1:00pm  Angel Marie..

What is Love Energy with Angel Marie……

Love affects your experiences in life, including your mood, your perceptions, your creativity, and your power. I will provide you with insights and practical tips to use every day. You will be able to work on raising your frequency for greater joy, wisdom, creativity and authentic power.”


1:45pm Open Mic

Business owners only


2:10pm  Sue Ellen Allen, author of Slumber Party From Hell, is a living testament to this principle.

Gina’s Team

Not many people get the chance to walk in and out of prison for just one day. Dolores Seright, Cici Berardi and I were given the opportunity to visit Perryville Correctional Facility in Goodyear, Ariz., to do just that. We had the great fortune to speak to a carefully selected group of 125 female inmates who had earned the right, through good behavior, to listen to us speak. As prisons go, I found that Perryville is very meticulously designed and guarded to invoke the feeling that one is cut off completely from civilization.

Mrs. Allen is an ex-felon who entered prison while in stage-three breast cancer and came out ready to move mountains. She pressed on to become an advocate for people in rough circumstances under the organization titled, “Gina’s Team.” This group is named after Sue Ellen’s inmate, Gina, who died at age 25 as a result of untreated myeloid leukemia. Gina entered prison after stealing $3,000 worth of goods from an abandoned store accompanied by her boyfriend. She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in order to pay her debt back to society, but her time in prison cost Gina so much more.


3:00pm Shattering Barriers Panel

Dolores Seright, author of “Shattering Barriers,” will be joining an exciting panel of amazing women featured in her book to share their stories with you.  Don’t miss Pam Gaber, Julie Armstrong, Valerie Thompson, Kimber Leigh, Christina Wagner, Kassey Frazier, along with event host CiCi Berardi, as they bring to life their stories.



Enjoy Dolores Seright & the amazing women of the “Shattering Barriers”.  Meet these courageous women who not only became the “victor” over being a victim with life but today are all giving their stories to other women to pay it forward.  Please join us in honoring all women from ages 6 to 96.






Show Some Love Celebration Community Award

Hosted By: Kimber Leigh Nominees are… Jason Bressler, Christian Acosta, Erisha Taylor, Sandy Rogers, Fabien Bertault, Tonya Denise Allen, Christina Wagner, Andrew Pisher, Elizabeth Singleton, Michelle Durnell, Sue Ellen Allen, Eric Aceves.


7::00pm Fashion Show

Kathleen Tinkler along with Hostess Micah Tutay will be hosting The Fashion Show of the year, come see us get ready on set!  Need to create your dream dress in store might sometime be impossible??


Mrs. Tinkler’s Evening Wear  can make your dream come true, from everyday dress, formal wear, cocktail dress.

Come see her models walk the Red Carpet with some one of a kind swim wear! Join Jerny A. Rieves, Bjana Covington, Kimberley R Noe, Kassey Frazier, Kimberly Hill Solheim, Lupita Bebe Lopez, Tonya Denise Allen  for an evening of fun!


Mrs. Tinkler’s Swim wear

You have an idea of what you would like to wear but don’t know were to find it since no stores seem to have it….search no longer, Mrs. Tinkler’s Swim Wear can help with her one of a kind suits, one piece to three piece sets. Enjoy your evening in style.


9:00pm Closing




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